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♥ 世界 の チェーリ ♥

Sekai no Cherry

♥ 世界 の チェーリ ♥
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About Sekai_no_Cherry
sekai_no_cherry is home to dozens of contests and projects all dedicated to Hey! Say! JUMP. Every now and then an event is released and fans can write letters to their beloved boys.

Birthday Contests
When the time comes to be that certain member's birthday:
-Fans can write letters wishing him happy birthday.
-A lucky few will be chosen and sent in.
-Prizes here and there.

Holiday Contests
When that certain time of year comes:
-Fans can letters wishing the boys happy (name of holiday).
-A lucky few will be chosen and sent in.
-Prizes here and there.

Radio Show Project
It is an ever on-going project. Everyone knows Hey! Say! 7 Ultra Power and their corners, yes?
-Fans can make their suggestions.
-They will be sent in

sekainocherry@gmail.com - For concerns, questions, feedback.
snc.jap@gmail.com - For messages to be translated into Japanese.
snc.english@gmail.com - For messages to be translated into English, or proof-read.
snc.finale@gmail.com - For FINAL messages in both English and Japanese.

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