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21 April 2009 @ 07:44 pm
i made this a while ago...
and in case you want to read...

it's here
31 March 2009 @ 01:45 pm
Does anyone have the following Showa Hesei videos:

-Showa Heisei-080427(the one with ballpen and chewing gum)
-Showa Heisei:20090208(chocolate making)
-Showa Heisei-(where Leah Dizon Appeared as a guest)
-Showa Heisei 090201-(the one with teddy bear skit)
-Showa Heisei-(corner cooking)
-Showa Heisei(the one where Yama-chan is singing and dancing Domai! Domai!...and koi wa Shock! Shock! / yama-chan funny scenes)
-Showa Heisei-(Battle of the Dogs)
-Showa Heisei-(Spot the difference)

videos with subs would be super duper terrific....

Gomen for Requesting many videos.....and don't worry,...for those who would share their videos,...I would give you something in return...a wallpaper maybe....if it's that ok?

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30 March 2009 @ 08:39 pm
Okay, some things I wanted to talk about. I've tried to recruit some new members to participate in the projects lately for the April Birthdays, and here are a few updates. I've decided that if the events we hold dont have a lot of participants, I will try to advertise using my personal journal. The ones I try to focus on the most would definitely be the birthday projects, because they are a very important day to each of the boys. As for other projects, I'll have to think about it more. It depends on what type of project it is and stuff, because if its a bad project and it has no participants because no one wants to participate in something so stupid, then we wont do it again. Ever.

And how about a big welcome to our newest mod: </a></b></a>nicolearoni who will now help with translations. Lets all welcome her into the family with a big hug and plenty of smiles!

Now for the fun stuff. First of all, anyone new to the community, please refer to our Rules post for information on following the proper rules and how to contact any mod if something should happen. If you would like to know a little more about the community, please refer here. I've said this before, and I'll say it again. I am going to start being very strict on the rules that I have come up for this community. The one rule that I will be paying attention to the most is definitely the writing rule. Personally, I am a fairly good writer, not brilliant, but good enough. So one thing that absolutely drives me nuts is the fact that people nowadays cant write a proper letter even if their life depended on it. So pay attention to how to write you letters. Just know one thing though, the letters you send us to get translated will also be sent to the boys as well. We really wouldnt want any of the Japanese speaking boys to say that your writing skills are horrible, now would we?

I have also decided to make this community member-only. Just another way for me to make sure that people will actually participate. This is just for me to know who actually reads the post and who doesnt. So, if yo plan on participating in our little projects, send an email to sekainocherry@gmail.com with all of the mods' names as well as your name, and LJ ID. Any members whose email I did not received will immediately be removed from the community. By the way, I should get your email by April 18, 2009. That's when my spring break starts and I can pay full attention to this community.

Comments are much appreciated. We love to hear from our members, no matter what it is that you have to say. It makes us feel that you actually read what we have to say and you have your own opinions on it. If you have any special ideas for projects and such, they are welcomed. I, personally, will be expecting comments on my post, just so I know people are actually reading. For other mods, I'm not sure if they demand it, but leaving a comment here and there will definitely lift some spirits~

i made this a while ago, and i hope everyone would enjoy.

what's their plan?

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15 March 2009 @ 03:50 pm
Nee Minna. It’s been awhile since this community had an announcement. So, here I am, trying to keep this place as alive as possible. First off, Yumi-chan is back! Yay~ She’s currently resting and her mood seems to be getting better. I hope the doctors didn’t bother her too much while she was in the hospital. She and I were talking yesterday, and even though we’re quite late, we still want to start on Takaki’s birthday project. He’s such a lovable dork and we’d feel bad if we had to skip his birthday. So, we’ll now be collecting messages for Takaki, as well and Daiki, Ryutaro, and Keito.

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20 February 2009 @ 07:01 am
Good Morning Everyone!! Well, it's officially just turned Midnight in Japan, making the the 21st of February. And guess what? It's officially Yumi's birthday!!! Lets all leave her a happy birthday wish, and show her how much we appreciate her help in the community. I think it's awesome getting to celebrate your birthday with the friends online, especially since the time difference between Japan (where the sun rises earliest) and America (where the sun rises last) is like 17 hours, meaning, you have two days to celebrate! That's the coolest thing ever!!!! Well, everyone, with all the things Yumi has done for us, dont you feel like you all owe her at least a simple "thanks"? I'll leave the rest to you, whether you feel like you should be giving her a sign of appreciation is up to you.

     It's your birthday, na. You've turned 19!! I dont know what that feels like, since I havent experienced it myself, though my brother has. I guess I could ask him, but his answer to it would be, "Oh, it's nothing special." I dont think so. Every birthday is special, and well, this year, you have me to celebrate with you! Making it even more special! xD Okay, that was just me being stupid and conceited. I love you to death though, and this is so cool, being able to celebrate the birth day of a loved one, even though they live half-way around the world. I really want to thank you, for all that you've done. You came to me, on November 10th, offering to help out with my childish project for Chinen. And now, Guess what? It's blossomed into something beautiful. That was the very start of this community, the day you came and decided to help me. We've been able to help a lot of girls send their feelings to JUMP and I think that's a wonderful thing. Even though I'm really no help when it comes to translating and producing the final product (that was always your job because you were the only one who could do it), but I'll definitely improve and do as much as I can to help out in your extremely busy schedule so that you wont be stressed out anymore. Next year, I'll start taking Japanese, if I'm allowed to, and as soon as I learn enough to be helpful, I'll start translating too. I know it wont be any good, but you can go through and edit my mistakes. So, when the time comes, 湯炉しくな。I'm no good with Kanji. xD So I hope that was the right one, since the computer automatically set it for me. I'll be looking forward to us working together and celebrating more birthdays together, as partners, and as sisters who found each other miraclulously. Have a wonderful birthday, Oneesama. <3 You are purely, an angel from heaven.


BTW, what does everyone think about the new layout? Credit goes to Okimiyage for it. Well done, isnt it? xD I figured it's best we finally have a HSJ layout, since SnC is all about HSJ. ^^ Ahh, I love acranyms. Tell me what you think of it~
16 February 2009 @ 04:28 pm
Does anyone have the following videos:

-Scrap Teacher Episodes 8-9 with English subs...(*I found ep. 8-9 but no subs at all..*sobs*..*)
-Tantei Gakuen Q Episodes 5 up to final episode with englsh subs...

Need english subs pls..

Thanks a lot :)
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10 February 2009 @ 10:38 am
hello everyone.^^
i'm posting all my scan fics here which i made just for fun.
enjoy everyone!

the shokura happenings
mission is possible
scrap otp
myojo fic part 1
myojo fic part 2
myojo fic part 3
myojo fic part 4

oh...and this gif..just because daiki is cute..xD
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09 February 2009 @ 09:09 pm
Uhm, seem like I havent received much for Valentine project again. In our mailbox, there is only 1 message. Valentine is this Friday, right, so I will be very thankful if everyone can stay a little more energetic and try to work hard. I, myself, will work hard too. I will be hopitalized from tomorrow, and it will take at least someday for them to keep me in that place. I will try my best to be discharged soon, but if I cant make it, I dont want to waste my time in that boring place. I mean, if I carry everyone"s messages and translate while I am in the hospital, it will be more useful and even more fun. So I would like to receive some short ones. With my current condition, I may be not sure about long letters, but short messages are ok. Then, minna, I am going now. I promise I will return soon, very soon. Is there anyone can send your message before I leave? Other stuffs like pictures and other things can be sent until Wed. Only those need translation, I have to receive them soon to work with. Wish everyone a happy Valentine! Sayonara! Hope to see you again really soon, I think I will miss all you guys, even if it is just a few days.>.
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First, congratulation on our 100 members! What is the most fun thing about February? Mochiron Valentine na! Just think about Valentine, and my heart has almost been tokidoki.>.<. So I would like us to have some fun again. We came from many places in the world right, and speak many languages. Every of us has special ways to say " I love you" on Valentine Day na. So, please share them. Our theme this time is " I love you". You can leave your comment here and tell me how to say this simple sentence in your language. I would like to collect a lot of them! Woa, a lot of love desu yo!!!^-^. My turn first, in Vietnamese, " I love you!" is " Em yeu anh!"^-^.
Have fun, pleazeeee...
Edit: Maybe some of you come from the same country, but just say it even they will be the same. My goal is, I want to receive all 100 messages from our 100 members. Will you guys do it?^-^
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